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The 7 Second Glance – Mission

Long Beach Moms Business Network

The 7 second glance series is a 7 part workshop series, creating a space for moms who are resurrecting their careers, need a brush up on professionalism and a confidence booster to prepare for entering the workforce.

Led by Long Beach Moms members who are experts, guiding moms to the career goals.  These workshops are designed for moms who are seeking to add ‘motherhood on the resume’.  Kids are welcome!

Sign up for a workshop and begin your journey back into the workforce!

Upcoming Workshops:

Part 1: returning to the workforce – an intro and what’s next Workshop


Part 2: resume re-do Workshop

Part 3: the interview experience + tips Workshop

Part 4: confidence builders + role playing Workshop

Part 5: digital etiquette Workshop

Part 6: application tips Workshop

Part 7: negotiating the job offer Workshop

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