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Long Beach Moms Guide: Beach Hacks

Here in Long Beach we are incredibly lucky to live so close to so many gorgeous beaches, but with the sand, the sun, the schlepping—sometimes a trip to the beach is more trouble than it’s worth. Not to worry. Read on for some easy mom

Long Beach Moms Guide: Channel View Park Playground

Long Beach Moms Guide: Channel View Park Playground

You may have noticed as you drive down Studebaker, that there is a new playground located across the channel near Kettering Elementary School. Accessible through the neighborhood off of Loynes, this sweet new woodland-themed playground is perfect for a quick stretch break for the kiddos.

Long Beach Moms Guide: Father’s Day Adventure

After being cooped up at home for months, there are finally some exciting opportunities to get out there and experience Long Beach. This Father’s Day, let’s show dads how much we appreciate them with a day packed full of unexpected activities. An Outing Why not

Long Beach Moms Guide: Gift Local for Mother’s Day

It’s your day, mamas! Time to treat yourself with some local Long Beach deals created just for you. The businesses featured in the guide are all owned by wonderful local women and/or moms. These strong entrepreneurs form the foundation of our community, and have worked

Long Beach Moms Guide: Hack your Summer Picnic

It’s starting to warm up here in Long Beach, and that means many of us will be venturing into the great outdoors for our first family picnic of the season. Whether your destination is the beach, the park, or even your own backyard, these tips

Long Beach Moms Guide: Whaley Park Playground

What a fun and adventurous park! The design of the park was thoughtfully planned. The play structure meant for the youngest children is nearest to the parking lot, and as the child-based age progresses, so does the challenge level of the structures. Children and adults

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