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A family guide to a safe and fun Halloween!

A family guide to a safe and fun Halloween!


Halloween activities are in full celebratory mode, and with that comes events that start now thru the 31st.  Know that our weather is unpredictable, and you may want to consider a ‘lighter’ weight costume as it’s been pretty hot over the past years.  


Here’s some helpful tips on being prepared for a safe and eventful Halloween for you and your family:


Mind + Body:

  • First off, no one knows you are missing a piece of your costume, and so just go with it – besides, all creativity is accepted, especially on this fun day!  By removing stress while putting all the pieces together, this elimination can create an easiness to your holiday. Don’t be so hard on yourself or feet – wear comfy shoes!
  • Stay hydrated, and keep in mind to use the bathroom before heading out.  Finding a bathroom while in costume can be a doozy – depending on a few factors.
  • Eat prior to heading out the door to stabilize blood sugar vs digging into the treats which can be tricky around bedtime.
  • Deep breaths. Slow it down. There’s no rush. Take your time and don’t run as there’s plenty of loot to go around and a tripped fall can lead to a skinned knee and tears, so prep with bandaids and wipes!



  • Carry a flashlight and wear blinking lights that can add to your costume for added bling and safety, and go for the glow sticks!
  • Hand sanitizer will help reduce the germies!
  • Walking on the sidewalks is the safest route, as many sidewalks can be hard to navigate as it gets dark.
  • Plan on going with a neighbor family, so you can enjoy the adult company, and kids love traveling together and taking turns ringing the doorbell!
  • Families with multiple toddlers, a wagon is helpful as your tots may tucker out, and a wagon keeps them safer during long stretches.
  • Some streets are really dark, and drivers may not be able to see you if you are crossing the street, and so be sure to walk in crosswalks and use a flashlight to show the drivers you are present.
  • Overall, drivers drive extra slow as tots and family pets may dart out into the street.


The Loot:

  • Parents go through the loot.  
  • There has been an increase with fentanyl overdoses and deaths which comes in the form of regular candy.  Check your local news, for the latest news and pics and how to check for high risk scenarios. 
  • Check to make sure there are no unwrapped edibles and if your family isn’t a fan of all of the sugar, come up with a plan to select a few treats and dump the rest – your dentist will thank you later!  
  • Try creating a plan such as a ‘buyback’ plan, in offering your child to trade out the sweets for an earned toy or experience instead.
  • Another idea is to buy candy for your own family consumption and throw out all the ‘collected’ candy that can be at risk.


Tips on carving pumpkins:

  • Buy a styrofoam pumpkin as real pumpkins are EXPENSIVE this year!!
  • And also be sure to carve within a 24 hour window as the heat can zap your pumpkin into a sad old pumpkin – which could be cool, if you carve a few days ahead.
  • Please wear safety gloves, use proper carving tools, and have fun!! 


Here are some credible resources to help families navigate a safe Halloween and take a glance at the history of Halloween too!




History of Halloween

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